logo-2Mad Science will take the stage to show everyone just how FUN science can really be! This highly interactive stage show features magic with chemicals and special effects, this show is the perfect learning experience for the whole family. Your children will never want to miss a science class again!

isabellahoops-solo-976x379Isabella Hoops is a circus performer based out of Toronto who has always possessed a passion for entertaining people. Her charm, flirtatious energy and her quirky humor is unforgettable. Bella doesn’t just hula-hoop, she brings her own style of dance and rhythm to the hoop to create an extraordinary event that won’t be forgotten. Bella Hoops has a wide variety of performing experience: from cabarets, to festivals, or on the street.



Aaron Matthews is a young magician who has a passion to perform. His fun personality shines through each show and leaves the audience with a huge smile on their face!


00-bio-v2Caricatures are coming to town! Be young at heart and have an everlasting fond memento of the day’s event by getting your lovely caricature drawn fast and on the spot. My brand of caricature style is flattering and creative and customized with themes you love; hobbies, sports, jobs, places, movies, fantasies….. I can draw multiples in a picture too! > couples, groups, families, siblings. And yes, I draw babies – very cute too. And for the kids they will love being superheroes and movie idols; ie, Spiderman, Batman, Frozen’s Elsa and Anna, Princess, Gymnast’s, or playing Minecraft, eating their favourite foods etc etc. I’ll be waiting for your ideas you have ready for me – Toronto’s Caricature Guy; Come early folks!

howlogo-300x138Everyone is in for a real treat when Hands on Exotics takes the stage! You will get to see their exotic animals from up close and later on you can catch the performers for meet and greets and maybe even get to catch a closer glimpse at the animals! Our stage shows feature high energy performances, interactive activities, games and prizes which will keep you wanting more.http://www.handsonexotics.com/


Stage Schedule

11:00am                    Hands on Exotics
12:00pm                    Aaron the Magician
12:30pm                    Mad Science
1:30pm                      Aaron the Magician
2:00pm                      Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest
2:30pm                      Costume Contest
3:00pm                      Isabella Hoops – Stage Show
3:30pm                      Isabella Hoops – Lessons
4:00pm                      Hands on Exotics
5:00pm                      Little Miss PumpkinFest Contest
5:30pm                      Pumpkin Carving Contest